Artificial intelligence Server – FAQ


Server purchase & setup​

currently approx. 2-4 weeks delivery time plus approx. 1-2 weeks evaluation time (performance tests for all the server portals). Once this phase is completed, they only have to be repeated if there are technical changes. After that, the profits start.

About 4-7 business days.

You pay for the service, daily maintenance and co via the hosting fee.
This is a 35% profit share and is automatically deducted from profits. This has already been taken into account in the return calculations.

The electricity will be offset against the last payment of the month.

You can take out insurance separately and the costs will be calculated individually.

You have a 3-year guarantee on all components and during this time we will cover all repair and replacement costs. We also take care of replacing the respective assemblies as quickly as possible. It only gets difficult here when the components are sold out. In the worst case, you can only let the server continue to run with reduced performance.

Server technology

AI servers don’t have a fixed benchmark, so not the monster machines we build. The most important points are the tensor cores (over 6100) and teraflops (over 1200).

We calculate effectively with 5-7 years. Possibly even longer. When the technology is outdated, there will still be a need for AI projects that can handle the 2nd and 3rd performance level and of course only pay less for it, but still more than the power consumption. The servers are currently the absolutely undefeated number 1 – we were already banned from a portal with the servers because they are simply too strong – we have to split them up virtually on 2 machines for this portal so that we can continue running them there at all: -)

approx. 4,800 watts at full capacity. However, this is rarely achieved. Most of the time, however, the servers do not work at full capacity.


If you calculate 5% per month, you are on the safe side. We have partial yields with the AI servers of 7-12% but not permanently, hence the average with 5%

There are different portals. What that is is a trade secret. Almost all portals pay out in USD. If you do not yet have a USD account, we will be happy to arrange the right online wallet for you (you do not need to fly to the USA for this). The remaining portals pay out in crypto, but here it also depends on the portal which currency is used.

There are over 180,000 AI projects worldwide – and the trend is massively increasing. Most buy their AI power from Google or Microsoft, but many AI vendors are looking for reliable suppliers for the power, but certain minimum sizes are required. That’s why we’re currently selling the AI servers so that we can win over even more providers here. This is only possible together 🙂

Self hosting / own operation

No, self-hosting is not possible.

We only sell the AI servers in connection with our hosting.

* You buy ai & rendering servers with this return products, which are operated in our datacenters. The return is calculated on the basis of forecast earnings and does not represent a binding promise of return. This products and calculations serves as an indicator of how the return could be. There is no guarantee of future income, returns and profits.

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