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Our free affiliate program offers you great opportunities to earn money directly and easily with crypto mining.

You can earn up to 8.5% commission through your own sale and you also participate in your network sales - for a lifetime.

Crypto affiliate earnings example:
100K revenue from junior miners

Rang 1: Junior Miner
Rang 2: Dedicated Miner
Rang 3: Senior Miner
Rang 4: VIP Miner
Rang 5: Jr Partnter
Rang 6: Sen Partnter
Rang 7: Global Partnter
Rang 8: International Partnter

The commission levels

Different qualifications required. The more sales and newly won partners, the faster the ascent.

The more sales you achieve, the higher you rise in your personal commission level.

Your deep bonuses always stay the same – none can be overtaken – the earnings from your network are for life.

Up to Rank 7, all levels receive a 1% depth bonus.

Rank 8 gains a 0.5% depth bonus.

Rang 1: Junior Miner
Rang 2: Dedicated Miner
Rang 3: Senior Miner
Rang 4: VIP Miner
Rang 5: Jr Partnter
Rang 6: Sen Partnter
Rang 7: Global Partnter
Rang 8: International Partnter

1 Mrd

More than 1 billion mining earnings per month

More than USD 1 billion is paid out to all crypto miners worldwide every month.

There is no longer any reason to wait or see if it works. That's 1,000,000,000 reasons to prove it works. Every single month.

Live worry-free from crypto mining

First customer sales

On average, customers make their first purchase for €100,000.

The average follow-up turnover per quarter is €340,000.

x 10

Mining compound interest

80% of all customers use the power of mining compound interest, i.e. the proceeds are reinvested in new machines.

This results in 10 times the income in 4-6 years.

95 %

repurchase rate

95% of all customers shop regularly. These customer farms continue to grow month by month.

The network automatically earns money with every subsequent purchase.


commission payment

Average commission payment in the last month per affiliate.

The inactive accounts are also calculated here. Commission payments of 100K and more are not uncommon.

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    * You buy crypto mining servers with this return products, which are operated in our mining farms. The return is calculated on the basis of forecast earnings and does not represent a binding promise of return. This products and calculations serves as an indicator of how the return could be. There is no guarantee of future income, returns and profits.

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