Scam Advice: Please don’t fall for these scammers!


Scam notices

We often learn from our customers and partners which fraudulent sites exist.

From now on we will run this page for you so that you don't fall for these scams too.

Anyone missing from the list? Then please send us an email with all the information. We will review and then publish it here.

Instagram Fake Accounts

Our Instagram Profil is:

The Fake Account are:



They copied all pictures, videos and links from us and will try to fool you!

Domain fraud

Our mining farm site has the domain:

The scam site uses:

The scammers don't even have any content on their site, but simply scam job seekers in America by sending e-mails.

The scammed customers have to send their ID and complete all sorts of tasks and of course without any reward.

Crypto Trade | Telegram scam​

Ganz perfide lief es bei einem Kunden über eine Telegram Gruppe. 

Es sollte Cr

It was very perfidious for a customer via a Telegram group.

It was supposed to be crypto trading, you even got a "only show wallet" (trust wallet).

The first profit was also paid out quickly, but nothing more after that.

From the scammers came only the hint: For a fee of 1000 euros, the support could unlock the wallet again... Luckily our customer did not respond to this.

Unfortunately, his investment was lost.

ypto Trading sein man bekam sogar eine "nur Show Wallet" gesendet (trust wallet). 

Der erste Gewinn wurde auch schnell ausgezahlt, jedoch danach nichts mehr. 

Von den Scammern kam dann nur der Hinweis: Gegen eine Gebühr von 1000 Euro könne der Support die Wallet wieder freischalten... Zum Glück ist unser Kunde darauf nicht eingegangen. 

Sein Investment war leider verloren. 

Always ask yourself the following:​

Somebody has to pay for the music that was ordered.

Always ask yourself: How are the percentages generated and where do they come from?

We’ve heard of cases where 50-100% returns per month have been advertised. In the end it turned out that this happens via the new members as a contribution. A classic money game and forbidden!

Not your keys – not your coins!

So: Do you get your coins or funds?

Is it your own wallet or someone else’s and you can only watch?

If the alleged profit is 50-100% per month, why doesn’t the provider do it themselves?

Then why does he want from you, maybe only 1,000 euros, when he earns it umpteen times with his program?

Google is amazing and helpful. Use this power!

What real ones are there! Reviews? Read the reports carefully. There are tons of fake reviews – don’t fall for them.

How is the provider positioned in social media? Here, too, you can quickly see whether there is real life in the account or just bought likes, followers or friends.

* You buy ai & rendering servers with this return products, which are operated in our datacenters. The return is calculated on the basis of forecast earnings and does not represent a binding promise of return. This products and calculations serves as an indicator of how the return could be. There is no guarantee of future income, returns and profits.

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