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Simply explained: How does artificial intelligence work or: Dear AI – Bake exactly this cake BUT without a recipe

Dear artificial intelligence: Bake exactly this lemon cream cake – BUT without a recipe!

A computer program (called an algorithm) is like an exact recipe for a cake. The computer works through every single step. If there is an error in the instructions, the coffee wreath will be canceled and you may have to go buy a ready-made cake. The programmer has to think carefully about every step of the recipe and describe it exactly, and also enter all eventualities.

E.g. how much milk is clear, but does the milk have to be warm or cold? What kind of milk does it have to be or can oat milk be used? How warm does the oven have to be? Convection or with grill function? and and and


Artificial intelligence (AI) goes a fascinating, different way!

The AI is shown a finished lemon cream cake but not the recipe. The AI then starts and breaks the pie into millions of tiny pieces and then just tries every possible way to get that exact result. To do this, it uses billions of little helpers (called a neural network). Each helper gets exactly one individual part and has to work on it. There are then various test stations that check whether the partial result is going in the right direction or not.

At the beginning of this learning phase, the AI has to be told again and again: No, that won’t work or the result will be junk, let alone a cake at some point or YES, that could be something.

Because the AI has no recipe. No helper in the kitchen who says if you mix milk, flour and eggs, then maybe you’ll make a dough or it’s faster in the oven than before…


Now what’s so exciting about it?

Once the AI has been trained, it can bake a cake out of any situation and has identified countless ways that do not work and will therefore no longer be taken into account in the future. If you then want the cake with a different flavor or even than e.g. sheet cake, then the AI will find the way there much faster and you don’t have to program a cumbersome long recipe. Other AIs can adopt and use these “experiences”.



This is exactly why the whole world is so enthusiastic about the enormous possibilities of artificial intelligence!


Where is the AI already saving lives?

The AI delivers incredibly strong results, e.g. in the field of cancer detection or drug research. For cancer detection, countless images of cells have to be evaluated and assessed (whether the cancer is benign or malignant). Here, experienced medical professionals must control the results of the AI and help the AI to correctly identify the cancer. This took years of training, but today the AI for cancer detection is already able to detect cancer cells on a par with experienced medical professionals.

Or the malaria blood test. Here, too, the AI has now learned over several years when a blood sample is positive or negative for malaria and is now actively contributing to the fight against malaria! Thousands of samples in the time a doctor can only evaluate one sample.


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How can you support this and even benefit from it?

Let’s take drug research for example. Imagine you have to test 10,000 substances against each other and have 100 employees for the job. If every employee passes one exam a day, there are 100 days for the result. But since you also have to test a combination of the substances, these 100 days quickly become 5-10 years.

Imagine being able to hire any employee you want, almost at the touch of a button, and as many as you want! If you want to be really fast, you simply hire 10,000 or 100,000 employees – just for this one job. You don’t have to speak to anyone for this. Not lining up and then firing again. And that’s exactly what we offer.

In this example, the employees are special servers that we build and program precisely for such applications and work. They are digital employees and these can be rented and used by the companies as required. Our customers can buy these digital employees and we then operate them for our customers. The pay is often impressive and comes very consistently.

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