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Success begins with your morning routine. Here are 5 great habits to…

Success begins with your morning routine. Here are 5 great habits to nail before 8am.

nail before 8am.

Success begins with your morning routine.

Here are 5 great habits to nail before 8am.

  1. Stand up. Brush your teeth, shower and get dressed.
  2. Drink a glass of water, put on tea or coffee.
  3. Get some fresh air (maybe on the window) and do some stretching exercises.
  4. Eat breakfast (if you don’t eat breakfast) eat a small piece of fruit and go through the day’s to-do list.
  5. Meditate for a short time, or simply go into yourself – short rest.


The morning routine does not have to last an hour, depending on the type, 10-30 minutes are enough.

The principle is to start the day relaxed and well thought out.

A successful routine is chosen and designed by yourself, tailored to your needs, implemented daily and maintained over the long term. She has an extremely positive effect on you.

Why a morning routine makes you successful and is important.

There are different morning types. Many don’t like being spoken to in the morning, drinking a glass of water, or just putting the cell phone down. For some it is stressful to get up because they expect the fast forward: shower, get dressed, rush to work or uni. Everything has to happen quickly, quickly and that’s how their day usually ends. Things that need to be done were forgotten, didn’t make time to get done, or were done under absolute stress.

Humans are …

Humans are creatures of habit. A more relaxed morning routine has a positive effect and the following things will have a positive effect on you:

You start the day smart and positive because you have thought everything through, including your time management. Your performance and productivity will increase because you started the day much more relaxed. The social psychologist Ron Friedman explains that in just three hours we are only focused, if a morning routine is missing, this time is often wasted as well.

If you manage to integrate a routine into your life, you will manage to be successful.

Successful people have their routine. Take, for example, Steve Jobs – founder of Apple, who looked in the mirror every morning and wondered if he would do what he was planning to do when it was his last day on earth. If a “no” followed several days in a row, he has changed something.

Barack Obama’s morning routine starts with an excessive exercise routine. He takes care of his health before he takes care of anything else.

Try to find your successful morning routine, persevere and success will come. Stay consistent in everything you do, change things that are not successful.

With this in mind, here’s to a successful next day!

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