Success tip #1: Simple idea – massive effect

More Dates | More sales

By Christian Behrens

You want to sell more? Or more appointments?
Then there is a very simple 3-step plan on how to achieve this.

  1. Set a goal: How much sales do you want to make per month?
  2. How many appointments do you need for this per day?
  3. Plan your next few weeks and schedule them fully. Don’t give up until you have your minimum daily goal.

An example:

You sell cars and have an average turnover of 30,000 euros per car.
You want to make 250,000 euros in sales per month = rounded 9 sales.

If you now need 3 sales talks to close a deal, that’s 27 appointments a month. Furthermore, assuming you work 20 days a month (sales people: be honest! How many days do you really and seriously work?!) then it’s 1.35 appointments per day. It’s best to round up here, it’s easier to remember and also brings more success.
So 2 appointments a day.

If your new week starts and you don’t have an appointment yet, it will usually be difficult to reach the weekly goal during the week. Therefore: plan your week and priority number 1: with customers! So get on the phone and phone your address! Don’t give up until your next week has at least 2 appointments a day!

Summary of Success Tip #1:

Write down your sales goal. Break it down into daily mini goals. Fight like a bear for implementation because time is ticking! You only have this one life.
Don’t give up until you reach your goal.
Once you have achieved it, plan weeks 2 and 3 fully.
Also achieved this goal??? Then your daily target is too low 😉 Time for the next sales boost and screw your numbers higher.

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