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Success tip #2: How do I get first page on Google?

Simple plan. Exhausting implementation. Awesome reward.

By Christian Behrens

Google is easy. Enter search term: results are shown.
But what is shown? And who is on top?

I’m not talking about Adwords, that is, the ads. no I mean the pages that come right after the ads. The lodge places. The undisputed number 1 in terms of sales and success. Oh yes, from page 2 on Google, people like to call it Google Nirvana…

Do you have any idea?

Google likes new things. On news. Lots of text and information. On free fabric ☺️
Here’s to the good stuff!

Now take a quick look at your homepage (or social media channel). How many posts do you bring? How regularly? How much do you help other people with this? How interesting do your customers find it? Who is talking about this?

The classic case is that a homepage was created and then no longer gets much life. Every now and then a new subpage or new product. But not much really happens there.
So why should Google show this page in the first place?

Naaa, I think you’re starting to understand where I’m going. And yes, it is really work, costs time and nerves. Brings you to the brink of despair.

Really nasty: Google doesn’t like sprints. So 5 million posts at once brings next to nothing. It’s more likely that you’ll end up on Spam Island and the ferry to the island will be sunk 😂

Make your homepage sexy so the google bots get addicted to it. They have to skip all other sites and see what’s new with you first before going to your market companions.

And by sexy I don’t mean graphic. Sure, looks are important, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, man! Be creative. Be varied. See things from a different perspective. And always bring something new.

There are countless important settings for your homepage that make the bots’ work easier. Instructions for this will also be available shortly here in the Success Academy.

You can be curious!

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